Our Story:

Your Practice Marketing Specialists


Our focus has always been the same – We are in the business of helping Canadian dentists grow their practices. From our first Community Newsletter (thank you Dr. Bonnie!) to our first ODA Annual meeting in spring, 2001 was an exciting year for FCM.

Your Practice Marketing Specialists (Still!)


At our five-year mark we had made our way across Canada and modernized our repertoire to boost our clients’ businesses.

Birth of the MAP


We honed our skills to help our clients take control of their marketing efforts. An action-focused planned approach shows our clients what to expect and when to expect it.

With this new tool under our belts our Principal, Dan Pisek, now provides his expertise on dental-specific marketing insights and practices in dental journals, presentations and speaking groups.

Your Integrated Approach for Practice Growth


Our big-picture mentality is the driving force of this machine. Now, more than ever, we emphasize the integrated approach because it is the best use of your time and efforts.

We support you in marketing leadership because we know that your best resource is your frontline team.

Dan Pisek

Dan Pisek

“I’m a music guy— no matter the style. There is nothing better than different instruments and vocals coming together to create a great song.
The same goes for integrated marketing strategies:
No matter what your style is, it is crucial that the rhythm is right.”

As Co-Founder and Principal of FCM, Dan Pisek has been a key player in the field of dental marketing for 17 years. He brings 25 years of experience to his loyal clients, and has established a distinctively successful repertoire of marketing and advertising for practice growth.